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Kalau dulu bila dengar benda camni kompem2 kita ingat men tikam tu kan. Ala yang dulu kau bayar 2 or 3 kupang pastu dapat kertas, bukak tengok2 in the end you've got nothing. Lame gila kan benda camtu. Tapi kau main gak. Paling tak pun benda yang bila kau masukkan syiling kau pusing then dia kuar bola api, dalam dia ada isi benda yang tah pape. Ikut nasib la sesetengah budak tu dia dapat benda best2.. Ceh!

Tapi untuk yang ni aku tak cite pasal main tikam2, orang kena tikam atau apa pun benda yang pelik2. Aku nak citer pasal benda yang kau, kau dan mungkin kau juga pernah kena.


Siapa tahu apa maksud backstabber??

Backstabber :- 
Someone who betrays other people a.k.a 
suka tikam belakang orang lain.
Bukan tikam sebab nak bunuh or what. 
But more to menjadi pengkhianat. 
Ye! Musuh dalam selimut.

Usually, memang akan sentiasa ada "Seseorang" yang sanggup buat apa saja asalkan dia sentiasa ada kat depan -- termasuklah backstabbing his/her coworkers. He trashes your work to your boss and friends, he spread rumors about you, your family, and dia tak kan pernah sekalipun miss out untuk kenakan kamu.

Masalah dengan backstabber ni, they rarely intigate conversation dan selalu buat benda kotor di belakang kamu. Kat bawah ni ada beberapa tips on how to deal with this crazy species.

BTW, sory kalau bahasa rojak2 pasal kalau aku translate benda ni, jadi cam tah pape and people wont get what im trying to yell tell about. (Kira da jadi cam kes syok sendiri.. Huuhuu)

Jadi untuk deal dengan orang yang macam ni, you have to:

#1. Verify your information
If you know that you have a colleague who's talking about you behind your back, then you've probably heard it from someone else. Rather than flying off the handle as soon as you receive this information, try to verify it through other people. You don't want to go to your boss or initiate a private conversation until you're at least mostly sure that you've not misled.
If you go about it another way and immediately confront your backstabbing colleague, you could discover that you receives false information and thereafter earn such a title yourself.

#2. Avoid Giving Ammunition
In order for your colleague's efforts to work, he must be given credible ammunition with which to work. If you are always going on about your personal life and other issues, then you're virtually handing him his material on a silver platter. Instead, avoid talking about your personal life or your work or anything else that could be used against you. Given a lack of material, he will have to resort to making things up entirely, which will diminish his credibility.

#3. Pay Attention
If you don't know what's being said about you, there isn't much you can do to stop the harassment. To that end, you should make sure to pay attention to what's being said around the office, including what you might hear about other coworkers. Don't participate in the gossip mill, but you also shouldn't miss a chance to sit in on a conversation in the break room or at lunch. Once you know the rumors, you can make a plan to dispel them.

Quotes that suits with this situation:

Sometimes people build you up just to knock you down.

The more arguments you win, the fewer friends you will have.

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